Working behind the scenes for the AIC LIVE! Digital series: Silver Lining Behind the Covid-19 Cloud

Thank you for the overwhelming responses on the registration and the many positive feedback that the session was insightful and interesting – I was definitely extremely delighted to hear so much positive feedback and certainly pleased that session on Private Equity Trends during the current and post Covid-19 shed light on so much positivity on the PE market in a long term despite the challenges that the World is facing.

During the session, I shared an introduction of how Fireside chats were introduced during 1933 by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt (known colloquially as “FDR”), fast forward many decades later, Fireside Chats has now been widely adopted and definitely by our AIC Digital Series. However due to the current Pandemic that has hit us around the World, we reinvent, evolved and adopted, and today (current times) many webminars are conducted via our Home Offices – That definitely requires work in preparing for the webminar, including finding the best spots, lighting and spaces within our Homes.

Looking forward to our next Webminar and Event!

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